Crestwood Independent Party

The Crestwood Independent Party comes with the experience needed to move our village forward.  Anthony Benigno comes equipped with years of experience in Public Safety. Anthony currently serves on the Police Commission and has done so for the past five years. As a Teamster with UPS , Anthony additionally assists as the Safety and Wellness Coordinator.

Bill Pieroth has both the education and experience our Village needs in Public Administration.  Bill is also on the Board of Directors for the Harold and Rosemarie Marx Memorial Fund, which provides cultural, social, recreational and educational training to minors of the Cook County Jeuvenille Court.

Dan Jurka, Sr., a retired Pipefitter, Local 597 and fireman.Dan and Carol raised their two sons here in town,where Dan served on the Planning Board for 5 years, and on the Zoning Committee for the Village for 7 years. Dan can be found volunteering at our Biela Center on a regular basis where wife, Carol is the Director. Dan also brings his knowledge as a Firefighter to our party and both Anthony Benigno and Bill Pieroth are experienced police officers.   

Jeanette O’Donnell, our Party candidate for Village Clerk, has lived in town for 36 years, Served as President of the School District 130 for four years and Vice Pres for two years. Jeannette and Tom have been married for forty years and loves this town. She is a highly experienced bookkeeper as well as a good neighbor and friend to many residents.  

Lou Presta, who heads our Party as a candidate for Mayor, brings decades of experience to the office as a business owner and as a Village Trustee who has successfully negotiated commercial business developments and kept our Village economically strong.  The relationships Lou has developed with public officials throughout Illinois guarantee that our Village will not be neglected of available county and state funding.