Facebook Message From A Resident

A resident posted the following question to me via facebook.

I posted on Village of Crestwood earlier. How do you feel about electrical aggregation which apparently can save homeowners about $30 per month? My figures are taken from Oak Lawn, Mokena & Oak Forest Patch. Thank you for your response.

Dear Nancy,

Great question!

You are right that under the right circumstances a municipality can enter into an aggregation agreement with a provider that can reduce bills for all the electrical users. There is also similar schemes for natural gas use.

If you have been following me on FaceBook, then you know I speak about the need to improve Crestwood’s infrastructure. As your Mayor, I plan to create a committee that will explore the possibility of electric and gas aggregation as well as a plan to introduce ultra-high speed Internet services (50 Mps) throughout the village. Low utility rates and fast Internet services are a magnet for attracting technology companies here in Crestwood. We already have some high-tech companies operating here and because we have remained business friendly, we are poised to become a major high-tech hub in the south suburban area.

Thanks for your question!


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