Lou’s Accomplishments

  1. At the end of 2012, the Village posted a $622,000.00 surplus in revenue.
  2. 28 new businesses opened up in the Village of Crestwood last year.
  3. Sales tax from existing and new business reached 4 million dollars in 2012, compared to 3.5 million dollars for 2011
  4. Projected sales tax increase for 2013, boosted by Ultra Food, Ross, Party City and 25 other businesses are projected to bring in another 500,000.00 dollars.
  5. Gaming revenues are projected to bring in another 300,000.00 dollars
  6. The village is very close to announcing new business on the cal sag as well as 2 new manufacturing businesses relocating to Crestwood.
  7. TIF district funds now account for over 5 million dollars in our account.
  8. We are approaching 3 million dollars in insurance reimbursements. Also we are close in receiving more money from the insurance company.
  9. Just to mention Crestwood amenities – Free garbage pickup for houses condos and townhouses. We have reasonable permit fees and vehicle stickers.
  10. Seniors have the benefit of no fee for city sticker and the city will plow for any senior who cannot remove their snow. We have many other programs for Seniors.
  11. We have a great police, fire and public works department. Also a village hall, recreation and senior center.
  12. Lou was one of the trustees who voted to return over 50 million dollars in property tax rebates to the residents of Crestwood.
  13. Lou has helped to keep Village business license fee is $1.00, encouraging business growth despite hard times.
  14. Thanks to Lou, the Village will be resurfacing Central Avenue and putting sidewalks in place. Say goodbye to those ditches! Lou was instrumental in bringing about this Cook County and Crestwood joint project.
  15. Lou also worked hard so the Village could receive a $280,000.00 grant to pay for construction of the Village’s own salt dome.